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i have a lot to think about. i'm really not happy with where i am in life right now, i want to change things, but seem to be stuck, i cannot see where i want to go which makes everything so difficult.
i am having trouble choosing between my head and heart.
should i sacrafice things that are important to me for love? i don't know...
maybe that is why the divorce rates are so high now, people have too many expectations, you spend your time looking for someone who fulfills your checklist, yet you pass by the person that you love, that seems like your perfect other half in all except a few places.
on the other hand, a relationship cannot work if love is the only thing you have i common.
at least that is my opinion.
i am really stuck, i don't like to put time limits on things, but in this case it seems as though one is already in place.
i have been reminicing a lot, and i don't necessarily like where it is leading. i try not to feel bad about things that have pasted, but it is a curse of being me i think, i get in those funks from time to time. and whether i want to admit it, or i even like it, i do care what other people think of me, maybe not all people, but people that i have to deal with. i am going to stop torturing myself.
This is what happens when i have too much time on my hands while at work.
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